About Ian Maurer

Ian Maurer worked for 28 years in the telecommunications industry as a design engineer and manager. In his spare time for most of this period he also ran a professional wedding and portrait photography business. After leaving these occupations, he worked for a time as a design engineer in a small mining engineering services company before leaving to start up a private tutoring business in 2005. He has been continuously involved in tutoring high school and university students since that time, and finds it to be a very challenging and rewarding way to earn a living.

He has always had a love of photography, and has pursued it either as a hobby or a business since the age of eight. Having pensioned off his large format film cameras and joined the digital age, Ian launched his own photography website in 2010.

His other lifelong passion is music, being a keen amateur singer and occasional composer, mainly of works in the classical genre, although he appreciates music in a wide variety of forms. He has performed solos in musical comedy and has sung in choirs all his life.