Music by Ian Maurer

I have written a number of pieces of music for SATB choir, for children's choir, solo vocal and piano, plus one for SATB choir and orchestra. Some are humorous, some serious. If you would like to obtain sheet music and permission to perform the music, please email me. If you found this page while searching for sheet music by another composer, you will probably find what you are looking for here at SheetMusicPlus or on my other website

My music may be purchased and printed from or (previously known as The links below will take you directly to the appropriate piece.

A Choral Menagerie
A fun piece for SATB choir which makes the perfect closer for a program. This piece has been very enthusiastically received and reviewed by performers and audience alike. Ideal for the higher level High School choir or College mixed chorus. An MP3 of a live performance by Grayson High School from Georgia is available by clicking the MP3 link at It is also available from
SATB  A Cappella   6 minutes      Check out the YouTube video
Hymn of Praise
This is a universal plea for peace on our lonely planet floating in space. Designed to be sung with little rehearsal by a large choir and orchestra and aimed at a worldwide TV audience. I'm still waiting for the call from Bono or Bob Geldof ... A piece inspired by the centenary of a local heritage-listed church, it went on to become more of a universal expression of hope for humankind. The MP3 version of a virtual performance gives a good idea of what the piece should sound like, except that the simulated choristers can't sing the words. However, you can read them while the piece plays at
Orchestra plus SATB chorus   5 minutes
A Christmas Lullaby
An original Christmas carol in the style of Away in a Manger.
SATB   A Cappella  2 minutes
Shakespeare Sonnet XXVII
A setting of Shakespeare's 27th sonnet - Weary with Toil. Not one of his happiest, nor one of his darkest sonnets. It is in the Goldilocks zone.
SATB   A Cappella  2 minutes
A Mouse in the House
Good fun for a junior choir with this simple piece.
Two part treble with easy piano accompaniment   2 minutes
A Song in the Night
An ethereal piece for a young solo voice or unison treble choir which offers plenty of scope for painting word pictures and establishing a reflective mood. With a vocal range of only an octave and an uncomplicated accompaniment, this piece should be well within the capabilities of most junior choirs and soloists.
Unison treble with easy piano accompaniment   2 minutes