Tuition Details

Tuition works best with regular weekly lessons. The normal weekly session time is one hour but longer sessions are available if necessary. The information below will hopefully answer most of your questions, but feel free to call or email for further details. There are no contracts to sign and my hourly rate is the same as that charged by most private music teachers. I offer genuine one-to-one personal tuition tailored to each student's needs. Unfortunately, many larger companies which have moved into the tuition field in recent years only provide computer-based learning with minimal human supervision - great for their cashflow, but not what most students really need in order to make a breakthrough in understanding of their subject.

Qualifications and Experience

I hold a four year Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from QUT, Brisbane, with a major in Electronics and Communications Theory. Because of my wide experience in telecommunications engineering, professional photography, mining services engineering, computer programming, and computer maintenance and training, I find it easy to relate to people young and old.

With this background I can often provide students with real life examples to illustrate a particular area of study, and thereby make the subjects more interesting and relevant. As required by Queensland law, I am the holder of a current Blue Card for working with children. You may ask to see this at any time.


Subjects Offered

High School

  • Maths (General, Methods and Specialist) and Physics at all year levels
  • Science to year 10
  • Computer Studies
University and other tertiary study
  • Maths and Physics
  • Statistics (including assistance with R and SPSS packages)
  • Some engineering subjects

These subjects cover the majority of my work, but if you need assistance with one which is not on the list then feel free to ask. From time to time I assist students in other diverse subjects when their difficulty is with the maths component of a subject rather than its knowledge content. Fire protection, economics and social sciences are typical examples.


Suburbs Serviced

Covid-19 Update: Online learning is not as efficient as face-to-face tuition for most students. I can do online tuition via Zoom if there is no other option, but my preferred method is face-to-face. If government Covid-19 restrictions are reintroduced, all tuition will be conducted via Zoom.


Amongst the suburbs I cover are Toowong, Taringa, Indooroopilly, Chapel Hill, St Lucia, Ashgrove, Paddington, Bardon and Newmarket on the northside and West End, Coorparoo, Sherwood and Graceville on the southside. Give me a call if your suburb is not listed.

Tuition is also offered at my air-conditioned studio in Bardon. The quiet setting with no distractions from TV or siblings often produces a better education outcome than in-home tuition. Parents are welcome to stay for the session or to drop off their student and go shopping, get a coffee, or take the opportunity for some exercise around the local streets and nearby bike paths.



I tutor most afternoons after school from 4 to 6pm (Tuesdays 4 to 5pm only). I also tutor on Saturdays from 9am to 12 noon and 1pm to 5pm. All of the after-school times and the first 5 hours on Saturdays are generally reserved for students who want regular, weekly lessons.

For university and mature-age students, I am available weekdays from 9am to 4pm or after 6pm. These times can be booked on a casual basis or for regular weekly lessons.